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Ouddorp and its surroundings

Ouddorp and its surroundings offers you lots of opportunities to discover. If you love sunshine, there are the miles and mliles of sandy beaches. In fact, there's more than 5 kilometres (9,32 miles) of beach to explore. At some beaches you will find cosy pavilions, but if you'd rather go somewhere quiet, there're also places you will feel like Robinson Crusoë because it is so peaceful and quiet. The head of Goeree (Kop van Goeree) is surrounded by the North Sea, Grevelingen and Haringvliet and is therefore a dream destination if you like water sports. Swimming, surfing, sailing, diving, fishing… everything is possible! But you’re also in the right place if you love nature. In the many nature reserves you can enjoy the silence and beauty of flora and fauna, both on foot or by bicycle.

If you want to go explore the town of Ouddorp, you will find both cosy shops and pleasant restaurants on just a few minutes walk from our guest house.


Exact thirty years after the last RTM-ride on Voorne-Putten on February 14th 1996, the whole museum tram trail between De Punt en De Kabbelaarsbank eventually has been taken in use. To keep the 235 kilometres (146,02 miles) of the RTM in honour, there is a track of 6 kilometres (3,73 miles) on which only material of the NV.RTM does its services. Track and material are managed and taken care of by volunteers, who see it as their task to let you experience what the once great steam tram company looked like.

Haringvliet sluices

The Haringvlietdam is part of the Deltaplan, which takes care of closing the sea arms (except for the Westerschelde) en therefore a reduction of the coast. The dam has been taken in use in November 1970. The Haringvlietdam has a length of 3 kilometres (1,86 miles), of which 2 kilometres (1,24 miles) is made of dam and 1 kilometres (0,62 miles) of sluices complex. The complex holds 17 sluices. Each sluice has a length of 60 metres (196,85 feet) and hash rolling shovels on both sides, one sea shovel and one river shovel.

VVV Ouddorp

The VVV (tourist office) can help you if you have questions about museums' opening hours, tips to go out, data of concerts or theatre shows. They can also help you with organizing biking trips, city trips or whatever you like.


Some of our rooms have a view of windmill “De Zwaan” (the Swan). This windmill dates from 1846 and still is in regular use. This windmill is open at limited hours and sometimes you can even take a tour. For more information about visiting the windmill, please ask one of our hosts.


Wind and water are the elements you need for surfing, and Ouddorp offers you plenty of both. On the Grevelingenmeer the beaches near De Punt and De Kabbelaarsbank are very popular destinations for wind surfing. If you want to go North Sea surfing, the place to be is Brouwersdam, and also the beach nearby the lighthouse.